And that is literally all you need to know about him.

I’m really disappointed in the lack of spn on my dash. That is the ONLY good thing about the school year. Staying up on tuesday night curdled in a blanket rocking back and forth whimpering and scrolling through my dash. I miss it deeply.


I just… I mean look at him *^*

I think it turned out pretty well.



someone posted on FB “im famous on the internet xoxo l8r peasants” with this picture attatched


you all either have 200 followers, did have, or currently have less.

Anonymous: "sorry for the random question, ive been asking around in the fandom and no one really has an answer and as a fellow louis girl im hoping you might. do you know if louis ever uses his head voice/falsetto when singing? i dont think ive ever heard it. also where do you think he ranks among the others as far as vocal ranges go?"


please please don’t apologizing for asking questions! I love answering :)

get comfy love. I could talk about Louis’ voice for a year

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