that moment when you realize jared also ships destiel


Story time, kids:
This is the picture I had J2 sign for me at the autograph session. I went to get Jensen’s autograph first. He looked at the picture, started blushing and looked up at me. He was like “oh my god where did you find this?” and I told him it was all online, and I mentioned the Boy Scouts uniform picture, and a picture with him in a Texas sweatshirt which made him start to blush. He said that he was around 16 in that picture and then looked at Jared and did the full-body, head-tossed-behind laugh and asked me, “is that Jared?” When I said yes, he chuckled and went “what a nerd!” at which point Clif came out and saw the picture, and told us he first thought it was some Japanese kid. I brought up my phone case at that point too, which is another story but basically had Jensen holding my phone and me explaining what was going on. After he signed it and I picked it up, he told me to tell Jared that “Clif and I are wondering who the Asian kid is”. By this time I’m laughing my ass off, and I told him I’d do so. Regretfully, I had to leave and Jensen smiled and said bye <3
Next up was the Jared autograph session. Right before my turn, Clif walked over and saw me, and gave me a wink and grinned. Jared looked over at the picture then, and his reaction was priceless. His eyes went wide, his mouth dropped open into an O-shape and he banged the table with his fist a couple of times and he was like “oh my GOD IS THAT ME? WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS?” to which I said the same thing I told Jensen- “everything’s online”. Clif started to make fun of Jared then, at which point Jared started to laugh (which is when I brought up my phone case again, and Jared said it was adorable). When he was signing, I was like “hey you still look really good in that picture”, to which he made the I’m-awesome-and-I-can’t-help-it pout and shrugged and went “well you know…” and then smiled at me (dimplesssss) and said bye.
Tl;dr: it was the BEST experience of my life. The two of them and Clif are absolutely perfect


Tweets from cast and crew of Supernatural on the first day of Season 9’s shooting. I love them, I love my Supernatural family :*


Supernatural  sock monkey hat + Clif in his Panda 

» Things that make me happy.


It’s canon that Dean:

  1. Has stroked Cas’ face, and his arm.
  2. Told Cas he needed him, on at least three separate occasions.
  3. Insinuated that Cas was looking at him the way a sexual partner would/has.
  4. Winked at Cas. (And Cas has winked back).
  5. Hugged Cas.
  6. Prayed to Cas even…

How Dean reveals he is bisexual…


Sam: I’m not kidding, Dean. This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.

Dean: Yeah, I heard that one. Forgot about that waiter in Tampa?

Sam: I thought you said waitress.




And Jared said he’s never modelled.  Ha!



let’s just talk about how they used the picture of grossness again!



No, but look at that picture. The lighting. It’s like Jensen and Misha are in their own little world and all these other people aren’t there at all or they’re just props or cardboard cutouts or something.

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